⌨️ VICENTDEV 🐧 - Senior backend developer

Hi 👋! I'm Vicent, aka "the dude that uses a light theme", a Spaniard software developer with more than 5 years making stuff around the World Wide Web. I love GNU/Linux (I use Arch BTW), free software, and overcomplicate myself ricing my Neovim setup.

Since early 2020 I have professional experience working with hexagonal architecture, technical DDD, SOLID, design patterns... While I keep an open mind: sometimes the best solution is the simplest one (KISS 🤘😚). E‑commerce, warehouse management, ISP platform management, and IOT services are just some of the fields in which I’m experienced.

PHP and Symfony are the language and framework in which I have the most expertise, because of my last years of working positions, but I have also worked in the past with C#, Python, Django, Angular, Ionic, Laravel... Nowadays, I'm interested in Go and his ecosystem since it's a simple language but blazingly fast.

Do you want to contact me? Just email me 👉 vicent@vicentdev.com


Simitive - Senior software developer

October 2022 - Now

Simitive is one of the main software provider for most of the universities in the United Kingdom.

There I'm focused in the development of one new product developed with Symfony (API platform) and React TS.

WITRAC - Senior backend developer

November 2021 - October 2022

IOT company focused mostly in groceries tracking for biggest supermarket chain in Spain. We where in the process of migration from a legacy Laravel monolyth into many microservices most of them in Symfony using RabbitMQ as a messaging service.

The project I most worked in was a fully configurable chain processor to manage all the different IOT raw data to give value for the end customers.

Planeta Huerto - Backend developer PHP

May 2020 - August 2021

PlanetaHuerto was the biggest ecommerce in Spain focused in ecological and gardening products. I joined the team to maintain current services but also to help in the development of the new stack.

We were migrating from multiple legacy systems into a new main ecommerce built with Sylius in the backend and VueJS in the frontend. We also had a custom warehouse management software and the comunication between that service and others was made with Apache Kafka.

Sprinter - Backend developer PHP

January 2020 - May 2020

In my short time in Sprinter I developed an internal cache system to provide http request content to web services when other dependant services where down.

That service was developed in Laravel (Lumen) as a web framework, MySQL/Redis as a storage and following DDD architecture.

Aire Networks del Mediterraneo - Backend developer PHP & Python

October 2018 - January 2020

Aire Networks (now, Aire Group) is one of the biggest wholesaler ISP service in Spain. There I worked mostly in PHP and Python.

Among the projects carried out, I would highlight: refactor of the fixed telephony billing process, maintenance of mobile telephony service as a bridge with other mobile telephone operator, development of new features for the company's ERP...

Apps&Up - Backend developer PHP & Cordova/Ionic apps

March 2018 - September 2018

Small software company where I was involved developing web services in Symfony and android/ios applications in Ionic 3 and Phonegap for external customers.

Most of the companies that were client of Apps&Up needed people management apps, but we also created other applications for Altea tourism (where Apps&Up is based in).

Sandos Hotels & Resorts - Web developer

April 2016 - March 2018

Maintainment and new development of internal websites for managing hotel incidents, airport transfers and IT stuff.

The tech stack was mainly focused on Microsoft ecosystem so I managed websites in ASP.NET MVC 5, databases in SQL Server but also worked in small projects with Django and MySQL.